Pye Tools’ Endeavour On Shipping & Delivery:

We aim to deliver the products you purchase as fast as possible and in the most brilliant condition. If an order gets cancelled, undelivered or is lost in route to your preferred destination, we’ll refund the whole order amount comprising of shipping charges. In case you cancel a portion of your order, the shipping charges will not be refunded. In case you return the delivered order, the original charges of shipping won’t be refunded. But, if you decide to self-ship the returns, you’ll be reimbursed as per our returns policy.

Lead / Shipping Time For An Order:

We strive and shall make efforts to process all the orders and ship the same within a day. The exact time of shipping is dependent on availability of some products; which will be discussed during the course of ordering the product. According to the shipping address that must be within india, after ordering, it could take just between 2 to 5 days for the order to be delivered. A rare case may dictate for the order to get delayed due to the non-accessibility of the address.


Payment Method

We accept all credit cards